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Month 4

Dear Shobha,

Today you are four months old.  This last month has been such a joy for your father and I.  To some, it wouldn’t seem like much could happen between months three and four that would seem so remarkable, but they would be wrong.  You officially reached two major milestones this month.  

The first major milestone?  You starting sleeping through the night.  If I could add audio cues here, there would be the sounds of angels singing on high.  It all happened quite suddenly.  One night, you went to bed around 10 and slept through to 5:30 and from then on you just kept to the same routine, night after night. 

Shobha 009

Even after you wake up at 5:30, you just want a fresh diaper, a full belly, and you’re back to sleep for a couple more hours.  I gotta tell ya kiddo, I’m really grateful you’re such a good sleeper already.  It makes that four hour stretch of crankiness in the evening much easier to deal with.

The other major milestone?  A smile.  And not just ‘a’ smile, but lots of ’em!  Just like sleeping through the night, once you starting smiling, you just kept on going with it.  Grins, smirks, big joyful openmouthed smiles galore!  Your favorite spot for smiles always seems to be your changing table.  I’m not sure if it’s just because you’re at the perfect distance and angle to really see your father and I and it lends to perfect smiling opportunities, or if it’s that you’re so proud of us for finally understanding you want a clean diaper that elicits those gorgeous grins.  Either way, I love getting so many smiles from you. 

However, you don’t seem to want to share your smiles with the world just yet.  In my review of all the pictures I took this month, a vast majority were failed attempts at capturing your smile.  As soon as the camera comes out, you get all curious and the smiles disappear.

Shobha 002


Shobha 014


Shobha 025


Shobha 029


Shobha 037

 For all my failed attempts though, I did finally manage to capture a few smirks and smiles.

Shobha 015


Shobha 027


Shobha 034


Shobha 045


Shobha 048

Trust me, I will continue to hunt down that smile relentlessly for the rest of my days. 

Now, I know I mentioned that I planned on buying a scale so I could respond to all the inquiring minds who are wondering how much you weigh these days, but I have yet to get that scale.  And your next doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week.  Rest assured though, you continue to grow seemingly by the hour. 

Shobha 049

 Yesterday was a big day for our little lady.  Well, the day wasn’t really all about you, but I’m your mother and you’re all I think about so to me, it was all about you.  See, yesterday you attended your first wedding.  I’m honestly glad to have had a practice run through before our friends John and Mary get married at the end of this month.  Now I know what to expect.  Fortunately, I can expect you to be fairly well behaved just so long as I’m willing to pace a little in the back of the church to keep you soothed throughout the ceremony.  I can also expect you to be an attention snatcher at the reception.  I shouldn’t be surprised – I can never take my eyes off you.

Shobha 051

Another milestone, so to speak, occurred this month.  It wasn’t a milestone of yours, but it was as a result of you.  During a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa in Rochester this month, your father and I were both driven to misery due to the cramped quarters in the vehicle we’d just bought last year.  We started talking, mere whispers of the possibility of maybe starting to look for a larger vehicle.  Namely… dare I say… a minivan. 

Now I never ever wanted to drive a minivan.  Until you came along.  Then I started looking at them with a sort of longing in my eyes, thinking how nice and easy it must be to have all that room… those sliding doors… the extra row of seats…  But still, a minivan?  Well, just one day after our first conversation about starting to look, your father happened to look in the Democrat & Chronicle at Grandma’s house and – lo and behold – there was an ad for the exact vehicle your dad had seen and wanted to take a look at.  Even better?  Two local dealerships were having price wars. 

That very day we became the proud owners of a minivan.  Yup, that’s right.  It’s all your fault I’m a minivan mom.  Just keep that in mind in 15.75 years when you’re too embarrassed to even want to borrow the car keys.

Shobha 055

In the meantime, just remember that I’d do anything, even drive a minivan, just to make sure you are safe, happy, healthy, and comfortable.




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