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Month 5

Dear Shobha,


Today you are five months old.  Five months.  Wow.  I really just can’t believe how fast you’re growing and changing.  Those first few weeks while you were still in the NICU seemed to drag by ever so slowly.  But since you’ve come home the time has just flown by.  Once again, this month has held some pretty major milestones for you. 


Shobha 019



First and foremost, I must update your weight.  You had your four-month check-up and immunizations on September 22nd and you were at 10 pounds 4 ounces and 23 inches long. One week later, when we had to go back to the doctor because you caught your first cold, you’d already gained 7 ounces in just eight days.   Some of that increased weight must be muscle mass because you’re holding your head up like a pro now.  You’re even trying to sit more and more but haven’t quite managed to not have your head pull you over in one direction or another.  For now, spending a little time in your Bumbo seat each day is helping you learn how to sit up without having to worry about falling over.


Shobha 051



This month, a whole new world opened up to you.  It’s no longer an exclusively passive existence for you now that you’ve discovered your hands.  The first day you noticed them, you were lying on your back, flailing your arms around when suddenly you stopped, one hand held in front of your face, with an accusatory look on your face as if to say, “Hey, what the heck are you and where did you come from?” 


Shobha 058



Since then you’ve spent a lot of time studying your hands each time you catch one out of the corner of your eye.  You don’t quite have a full understanding of these two hands of yours, but you’re spending more and more time with one or both of them crammed in your mouth.


Shobha 029



You’ve also become much more chatty.  The occasional coo and ah-goo has turned into full-blown conversations.  You delight in telling your father and I long involved stories with all your new sounds.  I could spend hours and hours listening to your little voice.  My favorite new sound from you is definitely your giggles.  I could just die with joy every time I hear you giggle. 


Shobha 064



This month has held so many new joys for us as a family.  As fall settles in around us and we cuddle on the couch as a family, I find that each day is better than the day before. 





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