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Month 7

Dear Shobha,

Here it is, December already.  In just a couple weeks, we’ll bring the year 2008 to a close.  This amazing and wonderful year when I was blessed with such a wonderful baby.  Each month has brought such tremendous changes in you and in my life as a whole.  I dare not even guess what surprises 2009 has in store.

In the last month, we joined together with your Grandma and Grandpa and celebrated your first Thanksgiving.  As a family, we have so much to be thankful for but nothing that we are more thankful for than your presence in our lives.  So to honor that, we dressed you up in pretty dress.  Which you then proceeded to try to eat.

Shobha 037


Shobha 032 

“Hey Mom, can I eat this?”  

   Shobha 039

“Mmm, nom,nom…. Plaid is tasty.”

Thanksgiving also marked the first time you tried solid foods.  “Solid” being a relative term, really.  I mixed some rice cereal with a whole lot of breastmilk and tried to convince you that eating from a spoon is a great idea.  You weren’t convinced.  Since that first meal, you’ve moved onto less soupy versions of rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas and carrots.  I think your favorite so far is bananas mixed with rice cereal. 

Shobha 051


Shobha 069


While Grandma and I were cooking Thanksgiving dinner, your father and grandfather decided to assemble your Christmas present.  Fortunately, you’re too young to know the difference right now, but I fear in the future I may have to start hiding your gifts from your dad and grandpa or everything will be assembled, played with, and most likely broken before the Christmas tree is even up.

Shobha 044


Shobha 052


Your little legs weren’t quite long enough to even touch the floor at first, but already you’ve grown enough to touch your tippy toes and have been able to move around the play table a couple times.  And even though you’ve been playing in your Christmas gift for a couple weeks now, don’t worry, kiddo.  I have a hunch you won’t go without on Christmas day. 

Speaking of Christmas, I was so excited to decorate this year.  I kept imagining your delight at seeing this big, sparkling, wonderful Christmas tree in our living room.  I wondered if it would frighten you or amaze you.  I was safe from both reactions.  You were completely nonchalant, barely glancing at it like it had been there all along.  Only when I bring you close enough to touch it do you show any interest in it whatsoever. 

Shobha 060

Shobha 064

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of touching things, I should mention your latest process of discovering the world around you.  It goes as follows: step one, touch, immediately followed by step two, taste.  Everything you touch goes promptly and immediately into your mouth.  No longer are baby safe plastics and stuffed animals of any interest to you.  Now, you must have the remote, the phone, my laptop, Dad’s cell phone.  And as soon as you have it, your little mouth opens wide and in goes whatever object is trapped in your little hands.  No wonder the cats won’t come within three feet of you.

Shobha 074


Ah yes, I also must tell you of your latest discovery: you have feet.  Isn’t it amazing?  Everytime you’re on your changing table, there they are again.  When you’re sitting in my lap, there they are again.  When I put you down on your blanket or playmat, there they are again!  Amazing, those two feet of yours. 

Shobha 073


Seven months ago today, you entered my world and changed my life.  I thought I was prepared for having a baby.  But I could’ve never prepared myself for the amount of love and joy you bring to me every single day. 




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