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Month 10

Dear Shobha,

Today you are ten months old.  This last month has been…. tiring.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when you can get up and run.

Last month you were still figuring out how to crawl and had just learned how to go forward.  This month, it’s a race to keep up with you.  I can turn around for a second and you’re halfway across the room, heading straight for the stereo equipment or the cat’s tail or the nearest sharp corner. 


Last month you’d also just discovered how to pull yourself up to standing.  This month, you pull up on everything: the couch, the ottoman, my leg, your crib.  Any chance you get, you’d prefer to be standing or cruising along holding onto something.  In the last couple weeks, when your father or I come to get you out of your crib, more often than not you’re standing up waiting for us, proud as can be.


This month has been all about change for you.  You went from eating just two meals a day of solid food to three regular meals, a large snack just before bed, plus a smaller snack during the day.  All this change came about when you suddenly went from sleeping through the night every night since you were just a few months old to suddenly waking up several times a night and not wanting to go back down.  I suspected that it may be that you were doing some growing and needed more real food to keep you content all night.  Once we switched you to eating a lot more, you’ve been able to stay asleep most of the night again. 

The most interesting part of all that is that one smaller snack during the day.  Instead of the standard routine of me spooning bite after bite into your mouth, for that one snack a day I let you have control.  I’ve set out a plastic mat on the floor and stocked up on clean bibs and have let you start feeding yourself.  So far, let’s just say it’s been… messy.shobha-127

As far as my hunch about you growing is concerned, I was right on some level.  I knew you were working on something and lo and behold, just two days ago I discovered that the little bump in your gum had finally broken through.  I could just barely feel the edge of your first tooth.  You haven’t been very fussy, which has been pretty consistent for you since birth.  The only outward symptom really was that change in your sleep pattern.  I hope the rest of your teeth come in as easily for you.

As each month passes, it amazes me how healthy and strong and vital you are.  I know I’m not the only one amazed by you.  A friend of mine was looking through the older pictures of you and noticed a picture taken the day you came home from the NICU.  She suggested I take another picture of you in that car seat as a comparison.  I can hardly remember you being so tiny, but here’s the proof:

June 13, 2008

June 13, 2008

March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009

You truly are a miracle.  Yet I’m the one who is blessed.


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