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Dear Shobha,

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you grow and change.  Just last month you were rarely standing on your own for more than a few seconds at a time.  This month?  You not only stand, you’ve been walking here, there and everywhere. 

It started with you letting go of the couch and taking one lunging step towards a toy.  Then one night you took a couple steps.  Then you took an excited step-step-lunge from your father’s arms into mine.  That brought such joy to all of us that you kept at it. 

For a week or two you’d only take steps into your father’s or my waiting arms.  Because you would take that step-step-lunge into our soft and comfortable arms, I think you were a bit reluctant to try taking steps to a toy that wouldn’t catch you. 

Soon enough though you started taking those first slow, hesitant steps.  After practically no time at all you were walking across the room just because you could.  Then you wanted to walk to the next room.  And so on.  There’s no stopping you now.

Shobha 070

You’ve been so busy learning to walk that you haven’t spent much time working on talking.  In fact, you seem to be talking even less and just spent most of your days grunting and pointing your little finger at what you want.  The only thing you’ve added to your vocabulary this month is actually half spoken and half hand signals. 

It all started when you’d find yourself finished with your meal and, with both hands full of whatever it was you no longer wanted to eat, you would fling your hands to the side.  At this prompt, I would say “All done?” and try to miraculously catch flying food from the air.  It quickly became clear to me that you were, indeed, all done.

After this became a routine at mealtimes, you slowly started combining your food tossing with sound.  “Ah-duh,” you’d say.  Now you associate both the hand movements and the “ah-duh” sound with being done with something.  I’ve found in the last week or so, now that you’re really walking a lot, you rarely open your mouth to say “ah-duh.”  Instead, I just get a “uh-guh” sounding grunt from your throat combined with the hand movements and I know that whatever you’re doing, you’re all done.

This month, summer has really settled in around here.  It hasn’t been as warm as it has been in years past, but it has been a remarkably comfortable and green summer.  If you ask me, it’s been a perfect summer so far.  Not too hot, not too dry, not too humid, and a fair handful of thunderstorms. 

Because of the nice weather, we’ve spent plenty of time with the windows open, the air conditioning off, and we’ve gone outside to play.  At first you didn’t know what to make of the grass.  You hardly wanted to touch it nevermind actually sitting on it.  But after a little while you became more comfortable with nature and now you really enjoy your time outside.  You may never remember it, but I hope to never forget the afternoon that you, your father and I spent on a blanket in the back yard.  You picked leaves and flower petals out of the grass and handed them to Dada and Mama while saying, over and over, “ah-duh.”

Shobha 030

At the end of June we packed our bags, woke you up before the crack of dawn, and boarded a plane to visit our family in Colorado.  I was a little nervous about how you were going to be on the plane but you did surprisingly well.  You were calm, quiet, and nursed a lot to relieve the pressure on your ears. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that on the trip out there you weren’t feeling well.  We discovered about an hour after landing in Denver that you had a fever.  Thank goodness it was nothing serious.  A quick stop at a pharmacy for some infant Motrin had you quickly on the mend. 

It’s a good thing, too, because once you were feeling better you didn’t want to miss a thing.  You loved spending time with your chechis, Michaela and Shea.  You loved pointing at Karma, Tim-achayan and E-kochamma’s German Shepherd, and saying “kih-gee.”  And you definitely loved your newest summer experience: swimming.

July 2009 038 2

While we were in Colorado, we had several causes for celebration.  For one, your chechi Shea celebrated her third birthday.  For another, Ammachi and Appacha celebrated 40 years of marriage.  And then there was the added bonus of so much family coming together from all over.  Not only did we travel to Colorado, but Grandma and Grandpa came out from Rochester, Susan-amamma, Joy-achayan, Kevin-achachen and Suzie-chechi stopped in for a brief rest on their way to take Kevin to San Marcos (Suzie-chechi got to stay in Colorado for the rest of the week with us and spent lots of time adoring you), Aunt Joan and Uncle Bob flew up from San Diego, and as a surprise, Mama’s cousin, Chris, flew up from San Diego as well with his 4 year old son, Shepherd.  We even took a day trip to Boulder to visit another of Mama’s cousins, Michael. 

Aside from all the family celebrations, our last day in Colorado also happened to be a day of celebration for the entire country.  We started off our fourth of July with a walk into town, followed by a pancake breakfast and possibly the longest small town parade known to mankind.  I kid you not, this parade went on, and on, and on.  I was starting to suspect that they were circling around the back side of town, changing costumes and marching down Main Street again and again. 

Despite the fits of joy brought upon your chechis by all the candy thrown to the kids along the street side during the parade, you wanted nothing to do with all the noise and hoopla.  Shortly after the first set of firetrucks went by blaring their horns, your loving father wandered away from the parade route so you could take a nap on his shoulder.

July 2009 841

All in all, our first family vacation was a rousing success.  You did amazingly well on all the flights, adjusted quickly to the two hour time difference, and took all the new sights, sounds, and stimuli in without much fuss at all.  Which is really great news because in just another week and a half we’re going to really test your travel capabilities with a trip to Hawaii.  Your father has work to do there and, since you fly free until you’re two years old, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. 

Whether we’re traveling the world or just exploring our own backyard, everyday has been an adventure with you.




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