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1 year, 3 months

Dear Shobha,

This last month has been all about walking.  I can’t believe how quickly you went from a few steps to unstoppable.  You love being able to walk and despite the occasional misstep or balance issue, you get right back up without pause.  All I have to say is thank goodness you’ve got that extra padding from your diaper to cushion your fall.

Shobha 035

The majority of our attention this month went to a two-week-long business trip/family vacation to Hawaii.  On July 25th we set out for Honolulu.  It was a long, long flight from Chicago to Honolulu, almost 9 hours long to be exact, but you did great.  Daddy spent a lot of time wandering around the plane with you and the flight attendants were very accommodating and let you stretch your little legs by walking back and forth in the galley area.  Anytime you had to spent stuck in the seats with us was still a treat for you.  There was a family of five sitting next to us and you bonded instantly with the two girls in the family, Emma and Ellie. 

Once we got to Hawaii, it didn’t take you long to adjust.  There’s a six hour time difference between home and Honolulu but you were fully adjusted in a day or two.  We had just the day after arriving to settle in and explore a bit as a family, then Daddy had to go to work on Monday morning.  That first day we took you to Waikiki Beach to introduce you to the ocean.  You had enjoyed the pool so much when we visited Colorado, but you knew instantly that the ocean in Hawaii is entirely different.  It took us much longer to get you comfortable with the idea of even touching the constantly moving water, but once you had a little time to get comfortable with the idea you had fun. 

Sand, however, was not something you enjoyed the experience of.  After spending the last couple months getting comfortable with the idea of grass, you just did not have it in you to welcome this new experience for your tootsies.  It wasn’t until the second week of our trip that you finally took a few willing steps on the sand. 

Hawaii 250

Everyday while Daddy was at work, you and I would wander around the Waikiki tourist shops.  And every single day I would be stopped numerous times to be told just how beautiful you are.  You even perfected your parade wave while we were walking all over Waikiki.  You used to just open and close your fist to wave at people, and even then you’d usually not wave until after the person you were waving at was out of sight.  But in Waikiki you had so many people waving hello to you that you finally were able to figure out how to wave your hand side to side to say hello.  Once you figured it out, you were so impressed with yourself that you’d just keep waving for block after block.  You are definitely a princess in training.

 Hawaii 454

As much fun as we had together during the day, evenings were even better.  Every night after Daddy was done withwork, we’d head out as a family to catch the last bit of sun on the beach, explore some shops together and get dinner.  And every night after dinner you would insist on walking behind your stroller, pushing it yourself.  Daddy and I got plenty of strange looks when people would see us walking on either side of this big stroller, each witha hand just barely touching the handle to guide it.  But then those same people giving us strange looks would pass by us and would see you, all 18 pounds of you, pushing this great big stroller with all your might and they’d ooh and ahh and say how adorable you are and you’d look up at them and just give them your biggest smile.

Hawaii 273

As easy as it was to adjust to Hawaiian time, it was three times as hard for all of us to adjust back to New York time.  We left Honolulu at 4:30 in the afternoon on August 6th, arriving home the following morning at 9:30 local time.  You were able to sleep a little bit on both flights, but each time you only were able to get a couple hours of sleep in before we’d have to wake you up to get off the plane.  Once we were home, you and I spent a good portion of that first day home napping in bed together.  It wasn’t until four or five days after we got home that you were finally back to your regular 8:30 bedtime.  You were definitely happy to be home though.  As soon as you saw all your toys, your face light up and you went from one toy to the next, playing with each like it was brand new. 

Shobha 030

This month has truly been a blessing.  Watching you interact with new people and new places has been a delight.  And even though it’s tiring chasing after you as you toddle from room to room, your father and I love to see your absolute joy and pride in yourself.  You are turning into such a wonderful little girl.  I am just so thankful that you’re our little girl.




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