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1 year, 4 months

Dear Shobha,

I’m not sure why it’s hitting me all of a sudden, but I’ve really been noticing this month that you’re turning from a baby into a little girl.  No longer are you lost in your own world of baby coos.  You’re still not talking much, but you definitely make your thoughts known loud and clear.  If you want something, you point and grunt at it.  If you don’t want something, you shake your head.  You can follow simple instructions like “sit down please” or “come here.”  Mind you, saying that you can follow instructions doesn’t always mean that you will. 

Shobha 039

Perhaps the most wonderful development is your ability to show us your love.  You put your little hand up to your mouth and pull it away while saying “mm-mah!”  The first time you blew me a kiss like that, I think my heart melted.  Since then, my heart has melted over and over so many times I should just be a big pile of goo. 

Since that first blown kiss, you’ve probably blown over a thousand kisses.  I’ll hear you in your carseat blowing yourself kisses in the mirror.  Sometimes when I say “I love you,” you’ll blow me a kiss.  Most often though, it’s just out of pure joy at the sound and the response it gets that you’ll offer up a kiss.

I think your ability to blow kisses is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  And that’s saying a lot because you’ve done some pretty darn cute things.

Shobha 050

 In the last few months I’ve noticed an increased interest on your part in other children, especially those near you in age, so this month you started your first swim lessons.  Unfortunately, the lesson I signed you up for fell right during the time you’d prefer to be nursing yourself into naptime so you were a little less than thrilled to be having this new experience. 

Shobha 076

You very much disliked the flotation device I had to strap onto you and flat-out refused to do any of the water-slapping, leg-kicking, sing-along activities.  It wasn’t until the last few minutes of the lesson, when the instructor had us mommies take off the flotation devices, that you warmed up to the idea and relaxed into my arms in the water. 

Shobha 083

After the lesson, I mentioned to the instructor that there had been another lesson time in the YMCA’s brochure that I would’ve preferred for you, but when I went to sign-up online it seemed to be booked.  She informed me that she only had one child in that class so I went straight to the front desk to get you switched to the afternoon lessons.  Hopefully next week you’ll be well rested and more receptive to playing in the water. 

Shobha 077

This month you’ve really started playing like a little girl.  Whether it’s playing with your Learning Letters Laptop or climbing in your chair and “reading” yourself a book, you can entertain yourself for quite a while. 

Your favorite toys still are anything electronic – the phone, the remotes, Daddy’s cell phone.  A few times this month you called people quite on accident.  Once you even managed to turn on Grandma’s cell phone and call Aunt Joan in California. 

I even mentioned your love for cell phones to the sales rep at AT&T Wireless while I was upgrading my own cell phone and he was generous enough to donate to the cause.  He had three display models that were discontinued and destined for the trash that he offered to me to pass along to you. 

Shobha 048

Waiting through each agonizingly slow day while you were in the NICU, it seemed like it took forever for you to grow at all.  Now I feel like you’re so big already I’m wishing I could slow down time and not let you grow up so fast.  Next thing I know, you’re going to be asking me for the car keys.

Shobha 073

Let me just tell you “no” now.  You’re grounded until you’re 30.  Just for being so darn cute.




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