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1 year, 5 months

Dear Shobha,

This month it has been rather difficult to document with pictures.  See, you now know what the camera is and as soon as I take a picture you run over to see it.  I have to turn the camera around and show you the picture I took of you then convince you to get back to what you were doing so I can take another picture, then repeat the process all over again.  Nevertheless, I still managed to capture a few pictures of you being adorable.

Shobha 001

Now that you’ve really mastered walking, you’ve decided to start taking things vertical.  You love climbing the stairs, you love climbing on the dining room chairs, and just this week you managed to climb up onto the couch.  That last feat was one that I’d hoped would take you a little longer to perfect since I like to keep my laptop just out of your reach.  Not anymore.  Very little is out of your reach these days. 

We’ve spent a lot of time staying with Grandma and Grandpa this month.  In their family room, Grandpa built a step-ladder contraption for their three-legged kitty, Jasper.  We call it Jasper’s handicap ramp.  It’s so Jazzie can get up into the window to look out at the front yard, a simple pleasure that no kitty should be without. 

Turns out, Jasper’s handicap ramp is the perfect size for you to climb up.  Which you proceeded to do over, and over, and over, all day long.

Shobha 009

Your latest accomplishment has been starting to use a spoon and fork to feed yourself.  You haven’t quite mastered the technique yet, but you proudly work on it at almost every meal.  In fact, you’ve recently become stubborn about it.  A meal that you shake your head at and refuse to open your mouth for if I’m trying to feed you will suddenly become more appetizing once you’re holding the spoon. 

You are willing to take three times as long to eat any meal if you’re the one operating the spoon or fork.  So far, spoons seem to be your utensil of choice.  Forks are ok, but you don’t quite seem to have the hang of them just yet.  Practice, as they say, makes perfect. 

Shobha 024

It’s been interesting watching you learn as you play.  Where you used to just take things out – clothes out of the drawer, plastic containers out of the cupboard, etc. – you are now learning how to put things back in.  Not necessarily in the same order in which they came out, but we’ll work on that later. 

I also remember that at one of your check-ups with Developmental Pediatrics, they were impressed with your ability to stack one block on top of another block.  Boy oh boy, would they be impressed now. 

Shobha 038

This last month seems to have flown by.  I can’t believe you’re almost a year and a half old already.  It seems like just yesterday you were falling asleep in my arms.  Oh wait, that was just yesterday.  You may be growing up right before my eyes, but I still take such pleasure out of those moments where you’re still very much my little baby. 



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