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1 year, 6 months

Dear Shobha,

I can sum up this month in one word: NO!

One day you figured out how to say the word no and that’s been your favorite word ever since.  The first few days you just wandered around the house practicing your new word. 

“No.  No?  No.  No. No.  No?  No!” 

The best part has been experimenting to see if you really understand what you’re saying.  Today we had this conversation:

“Shobha, does the kitty say moo?”


Does the doggy say moo?”


“Does the bunny say moo?”


“Does the cow say moo?”


Maybe you don’t understand what I’m saying and just feel obligated to answer.  It’s just so cute to see you shake your head and say no, I kept asking all sorts of silly questions just to hear you say no.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon enough.  I might as well enjoy it while it’s still cute.

The other thing you learned to say pertains to food.  I haven’t decided yet if you’re saying “nom” or “yum” but whenever you’re hungry, you look around the kitchen saying it over and over.  Some days it sounds like “nom, nom, nom” and other days it’s clearly “yum, yum, yum.”  I still haven’t figured out how you came up with it but your meaning is clear. 

Shobha 093

Halloween was just a couple weeks ago and this year it was easy coming up with the best costume for you.  It was your first word after all.  Kitty! 

I found a simple black turtleneck shirt, a pair of black pants, a set of kitty ears on a headband and a black velour tail.  I drew on a little black nose and a few whiskers on each cheek and you were the cutest little kitty I’ve ever seen. 

Halloween 031

The older you get, the faster it seems I have to be.  You’ve definitely mastered walking and are now running.  It’s remarkable how quickly you can cross a room.  And it’s not just running.  You now can climb on the couch, climb on the dining room chairs, and have even tried climbing over the back of the couch or from the dining room chairs to the dining room table. 

Shobha 128

As the weather turns colder I’ve been taking you to places like the mall or the museum so you can run around and burn off some of your energy.  The other day we met a friend of mine and her almost-two-year-old daughter at the museum for a playdate and the two of you had a great time running all over the place.  You found a set of three steps with a ramp running along side it and Ann and I just watched the two of you run up and down the ramp and steps over and over.  I think we’ll be spending a lot more time at the museum this winter. 

Shobha 104

In the last few months your hair has started getting so long.  I’m trying to let it all grow out so I can pull it back into pigtails for you or braid it to keep it off your face.  In the meantime, I spend most of my days brushing your hair out of your eyes.  I bought adorable little bow clips, which you’ll allow me to put in your hair if you’re immediately distracted with other things, but as soon as your hands are idle, they end up in your hair pulling out your little bows. 

Likewise, when I’m not paying enough attention at lunchtime and you’ve decided you’re done eating, as soon as your hands are done scooping food into your mouth, they go straight to your hair, often with lunch still all over them.

Shobha 097

And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to save that last picture for when your future dates come over.




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