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1 year, 8 months

Dear Shobha,

I can’t believe another month has flown by already.  This past month was so full of fun that the time just got away from me. 

Christmas was a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t your first Christmas, but it was significantly more entertaining than last year.  As soon as I brought you down to the living room Christmas morning, you noticed a little play kitchen that Santa had left for you.  For the next twenty minutes or more, nothing I did could distract you from that kitchen.  I tried tempting you with the piles of wrapped gifts for you but you just were not interested.  Once you discovered that you were not only allowed but encouraged to rip that wrapping paper off you showed much more interest.  And even better was that most of the presents you opened were actually for you! 

Instead of picking just one or two favorites, here are a handful of the best photos from this past Christmas.

By the time you were done tearing your way through all those presents, our little living room was buried in bits and pieces of wrapping paper, boxes and so many toys you didn’t even know where to start playing first.

As you get bigger, you’re really becoming such an adorable little girl.  Don’t get me wrong; you’ve always been adorable.  But as you get bigger, this amazing thing happens: your hair gets longer.  And you know what that means???  Pigtails!!  I just wish I could get you to sit still long enough for me to get your hair in pigtails more often, or when I did get them in, that you’d actually leave the rubber bands in your hair for more than an hour, at best. 

Lately you’ve also started singing along with your favorite morning cartoons.  I just noticed it a couple weeks ago.  You often dance along with the songs on “Sid the Science Kid” or “Curious George,” but just recently I noticed you making little “oo-oo-oo” noises along with the songs.  I gotta tell you, this is one of the cutest things of each day.  I wish I could get it on video, but as soon as you hear the beep of the camera starting recording, you stop whatever you’re doing, run over to me, and just reach up for the camera. 

For a little over a month now, you’ve been able to unsnap the top of your jammies and unzip them part way.  Just last week you managed to get your jammies off completely.  Much to my surprise, you ran up to me and threw your jammies on the floor as if they’d offended you in some way.  I’m reassured by other mommy friends that I’m lucky it’s only the jammies you took off and not your diaper too.  I’m sure that happy day will be fodder for a future monthly letter.

Other than the joys of the holidays, this month was a wonder in and of itself.  Your personality grows by leaps and bounds every day.  You are so inquisitive and playful and friendly, you are truly a joy to be around.  Whether our day is spent with you chasing me around the table over and over or watching you investigate the ladybug that somehow found her way into our powder room this month, I just love being your mother.




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