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1 year, 9 months

Dear Shobha,

Before I became a mom I never realized how quickly children grow up.  I’ve had the experience of time flying, but it’s truly remarkable how much quicker time flies when it comes to your own children.  And I’m reminded of it each month when the 15th of the month arrives much more quickly than I expect and I find that, yet again, you are another month older already. 

Each month that passes it seems like you’ve grown so much.  I look back on the previous month’s letter each month before I sit down to write the latest update and I’m always amazed at how very different you are from the previous month and just how much you’re learned and changed.  I wish I could slow the time down and make each of these precious months last twice as long.

Last month you took your jammies off, this month you took your diaper off too.  I knew it was coming.  The first time it happened was while you were hanging out with Daddy.  You apparently decided to truly hang all out.  He said one minute you were fully dressed, the next minute he looked up and you were bare naked, jammies in a pile next to you and your diaper in a pile next to your jammies.  Thankfully, that time at least, it wasn’t a messy diaper.  You’ve managed to get your diaper off a few times since then before anyone noticed, but I’ve also managed to improve my hearing to the point that I can detect the nearly silent sound of the zipper on your jammies. 

Besides the obvious issues with static cling, you may notice in the above picture that you have a few extra teeth now.  Last month you just had those front four teeth on the top and the bottom.  This month you spent a couple cranky, drool-infused weeks cutting your molars and it’s remarkable how much more those teeth make you look like a big girl to me.  The first few days they were really obvious, I kept forgetting they were there and would think you had a wad of food crammed in your cheek anytime I saw that hint of white in the back of your mouth. 

While you still don’t have a large vocabulary, this last month has seen a significant change in your speech.  Last month you would mostly use single words at a time, other than the frequent occurence of “hi kitty” which I’m not entirely sure you realized was two separate words.  This month, however, you delight in using two word phrases.  My day is filled with you saying “oh, no!” and “nyum, nyum” (which is your way of saying you’re hungry) and “night, night.”  You’ve also added a few new words.  “Cuh” is for cookie, “buh” is for book, which you request every time you get your diaper changed I might add, and you love, love, love the word “two.”  I regularly count things for you, but you just love the number two.  If I’m counting with my fingers you’ll even push the third finger down and insist I remain at two. 

It’s amazing to watch you grow and to see your personality emerge every day.  You have distinct likes and dislikes and are blossoming into such a unique little girl.  You don’t like milk in a sippy cup, but love it out of a big-girl cup.  You absolutely refuse to eat anything mushy like mashed potatoes or applesauce.  You think when Mommy or Daddy say “Ow!” it’s just the funniest thing ever.  In fact, the only time I’ve seen you laugh at something on tv was when one of the characters on one of your morning cartoons, a talking dog named Martha, was in a cone and kept walking into her doggie-door and saying “ow!” over and over.  You thought that was the funniest moment in tv history.  And you love helping out around the house, even when your version of “helping” involves unfolding every item in a full laundry basket. 

These dark, dreary days in February are some of the hardest for me to get through each year, but having you around brightens up every day.  Thank you for being the light of my life.



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