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1 year, 11 months

Dear Shobha,

This month has gone by in a blur.  And then some.  I’ve never been this late in sitting down to write your monthly letter.  But I promise you I have a good excuse.  See, there’s been some hub-bub around here that’s been taking up the vast majority of my attention lately.  What’s the hub-bub, you ask?  Well, in the next couple weeks we’re going to be leaving the area that you were born and raised in thus far and moving back to the Rochester area, where your mama and dada grew up.  Specifically, to the same town where Mama spent her entire childhood and good portions of her adulthood. 

This wasn’t an easy decision.  We’ve got some really great friends here and there’s a lot of kids your age and more babies on the way.  Since we’ve had you, though, we’ve really come to realize how very important it is to have family around.  Seeing you play with your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins is something so valuable but was so rare while we were living in Albany.  Added to that, we never really connected with the Indian community in Albany so you weren’t getting much exposure to half of your heritage and culture, something that is very important to us. 

So while we’ll miss our friends here, we decided to move closer to family in Rochester.  And we’ll always be able to visit our good friends in Albany.

Big decisions aside, it’s been a little bit crazy and a whole lotta work this month selling one house, buying another, getting all the mortgage details in order, trying to get everything in place for the move, trying to do a little bit of packing, and still trying to maintain a functional, toddler-friendly house.  When you have an almost-two-year-old of your own we’ll revisit that last sentence and you’ll then understand.  Needless to say, you can unpack five times faster than I can pack.  And you can always find things to do while I’m otherwise occupied.

Besides the craziness of moving, this month has been fairly quiet as far as things go.  One new change though had much more impact than I thought it would.  All this time, I’d been letting your hair grow out so it would be long enough to just pull back.  Unfortunately, you didn’t like having your hair up in pigtails or pulled back in a clip.  You might tolerate them for a little while, if there was something sufficiently distracting around for you to play with.  But before too long, you would inevitably pull out the clips or hair bands, along with a fair handful of hair each time.  Then, once again, you’d be running around with your hair hanging in your face.

I finally decided this was a losing battle that I was fighting and gave in to the idea of getting your hair cut.  You weren’t quite sure what was going on, or why, but you sat nice and still for the hairdresser and let her wet down your hair and cut bangs.  It’s amazing to me the difference it makes in how you look.  You went from looking like a baby to very much looking like a little girl.  I almost cried the first day or two, trying to get used to this new little girl running around, but now I love how it looks and love that I can always see your beautiful face.

Speaking of running around, I’ve got to say that you sure do know how to move these days.  There’s hardly any walking anymore.  It’s all run, run, run!  From the kitchen, up the stairs, from room to room, up and down the driveway… Anywhere you go, you get there by running.  And I’ve also got to say, it’s really darn cute.

Very soon we’ll have a nice big house for you to run around and explore.  I can’t wait to see you in our new home.




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