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2 years

Dear Shobha,

I honestly cannot believe it’s been two years already.  

This past month has been a bit of a whirlwind so I must admit that I hardly touched my camera.  Between packing and moving and trying to unpack and preparing for a visit from Ammachi and Appacha, my camera sat virtually ignored for most of the month. 

On May 1st we moved from our house just outside of Albany back to where your father and I grew up.  We moved to a bigger house with a much bigger yard and I can’t wait to watch you grow up playing in that beautiful back yard.  So far, you’ve had no trouble getting used to the new house.  You love the fact that you can run around and around from the foyer to the dining room to the kitchen to the foyer to the dining room to the kitchen and so on. 

This month has also seen an increase in your vocabulary.  It seems like you’re adding new words everyday, sometimes every hour.  Recent additions include backpack (which comes out as pack-pack), blocks, up and down.  You’ve also been working on recognizing individual letters.  You can pick out Q, R, S, T, I, K, O and Y.  In fact, you like to “read” your Frosty the Snowman book while I change your diaper and will point out each letter (other than F) over and over again.  And when you want me to sing the alphabet song, you will say “Q? Y? Q? Y?” until I start singing, then tap your knuckles together in the sign for more as soon as I’m done. 

On your birthday this month, we went to the Strong National Museum of Play with both sets of grandparents.  Even though you were coming down with a cold, you still had a great time.  In fact, after spending over three hours there, you were the only one who wasn’t tired yet.  You loved running around playing in all the different areas from the child-sized Wegmans to the larger than life chess board.  When we went into the butterfly exhibit, you were absolutely thrilled. 

The only time I had my camera out this month was on your actual birthday while we were at the Strong Museum, so here’s a handful of my favorite shots from your big day.

I don’t know about you, but this has been the best two years of my life.



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